Kitchens For A Small Space

If you live in a city apartment or smaller home, it can be a challenge to create the kitchen of your dreams, without some crafty re-modelling and some organisational tweaks. We take a look at some of the best ways to create that sense of space.

Use the space!

It sounds obvious, but many kitchens overlook vertical space, and focus on the horizontal. If you live in an apartment conversion, you may benefit from very high industrial ceilings – so don’t be afraid to send your storage northwards for less-used items. Opt for high gloss units to reflect light back into the space, and keep styling clean and simple to avoid cluttering.

Storage is your friend

Integrated cupboards, revolving corner cupboards, back door organisers, ceiling mounted pan pots, wall mounted magnetic knife strips – optimise your storage to keep floors and surfaces clean and uncluttered. Again, this allows the eye to travel across the space and visually increases the dimensions of the room.

Windows – no fuss

If you have a window, then remove the curtains for instant added light! Try an inbuilt blind that sits within the frame, rather than over it, or install a window film, frieze or glaze to remove the need for dressings entirely.


Make sure you have good, bright lighting and experiment with modern LEDS or halogen spotters. Add lights under your wall units to avoid shadows and dark areas, and allow the light to bounce around the space by installing a bright glass splashback. You could also borrow the mirror trick from another part of the home, to immediately give an optical illusion of extra space. Position it where natural light can reflect for maximum effect.

Do a contents audit

Even the best organised kitchen will seem cluttered if it is packed with unnecessary ‘stuff’. So use your chic small space well by ‘de-toxing’ your items, and sticking to beautifully selected essentials. Removal of waste will also allow you room to add artistic extras, such as a display shelf for a beautiful vintage cup collection, or a balcony herb garden. Look at blogs such as for inspiration, or Elle Deco magazine.